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Background and Purpose

The creation of Kingston College centred around a brave decision to challenge the existing status quo to afford a quality education to disadvantaged boys in colonial Jamaica. They bravely chose to widen the scope of opportunities by positing a view that all children can achieve excellence regardless of their backgrounds. Most telling perhaps, they bravely chose to locate the school tantalisingly close to a famous catholic secondary that was founded 75 years earlier and to which their first cohorts were expected to aspire but not attend.

Unparalleled Success

Today, Kingston College stands as a beacon of unparalleled success.   In its first 55 years, four Rhodes Scholars were produced along with countless Jamaica Scholars.  It now caters to over 2200 boys from ages 12-19 over two campuses and is the only school to consistently top EVERY academic and co-curricular competition:

  •  +90% of students pass 5 or more subjects at CXC (GCSE Equivalent) including Maths and English annually.
  •   +90% of sixth formers matriculate to universities in Jamaica, USA, Canada and UK
  •  Largest sixth form in Jamaica
  • Largest and most famous school choir
  •  Most successful school in Schools Challenge Quiz: 11 wins in 48 years history of competition
  • Most successful school in school athletics – 32 times national champions
  • Most schoolboy cricket titles
  • Most Schoolboy table tennis titles
  •  Most Schoolboy Lacrosse Titles
  •  Most Inter-schools debating titles
  •  Most inter schools football titles (all age groups)
  •  Many time winners of inter-schools’ basketball, hockey and swimming, cadet corps, science, enterprise, creative and performing arts competitions.


Talent Can Come From Anywhere

In its first 55 years, four Rhodes Scholars were produced along with countless Jamaica Scholars.
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However, the driving force behind this educational juggernaut is not the list of notables who have excelled in their chosen fields; it has always been and continues to be the willingness of alumni to identify with the ‘Fortis’ spirit of maintaining close ties with the school and giving back to ‘The College’ in various ways. 

The average Kingston College pupil still hails from the less salubrious parts of Jamaica and, in a country with over 33% of its 3 million inhabitants living below the poverty line, there is an acceptance that this dedication to philanthropy through esprit-de-corps, must be unyielding if the vision of 1925 – that every child shall access quality education regardless of socio-economic realities – is to be realised. 

The KCOBAUK-Europe primary aims are:

  1.  Promote the interest of Kingston Collage in Jamaica, West Indies, and those who attended this institution.
  2. To uphold and perpetuate the teachings of those instructors who devoted so much to Kingston College.
  3.  To promote a better understanding of and appreciation for the cultural heritage of Jamaica.
  4. To formulate economic and social ideas for the betterment of the human family, and former Kingston College students in particular.
  5. To engage in fundraising activities to obtain the means to assist needy students and special projects at Kingston College in Jamaica, West Indies, and deserving local charities in the United Kingdom and Europe.

We will support those aims by:

  1. Raising funds to assist the leadership of the school in meeting budgetary targets.
  2. Supporting past students based in these regions to feel part of a community; primarily those studying at UK and European universities and new arrivals.
  3. Assisting KC past students to access, settle in and thrive in UK and European universities
  4. Assisting the board of governors and school leadership in the implementation of initiatives by offering strategic input as requested or required.
  5. Inspiring current students by remaining a conduit of information and advice through social media and face-to face engagements

Notable Alumni

For the past 95 years, Kingston College has allowed tens of thousands of Jamaican boys to access the world by exposing us to learning which offers breadth and depth. Boys have become men; men have become leaders but, like Kipling urged, the ability to “talk to crowds and keep your virtue” or even to “walk with kings, (without) losing the common touch” are essential ingredients in the shaping of the young man for whom “the Earth is yours (his), and everything that’s in it.” KCOBUK-EU, will assiduously pursue charitable endeavours that improve lives; in the United Kingdom, Jamaica and across the world.

Kingston College alumni are scattered all over the world and many famous names can be readily pulled from all walks of life:

•Michael Holding, Marlon Samuels, Collie Smith – Famous West Indies Cricketers

•Omar Mcleod, Lennox Miller, Davian Clarke – Olympic Gold, silver and bronze medallists

•Horace Orlando Patterson: John Cowless professor of sociology, Harvard and author of ‘The Children of Sisyphus’ and ‘Die the Long Day’ among others.

•Steven Vasciannie: President of the University of Technology Jamaica, Rhodes Scholar, UN International Law Commission member and Professor of International law

•Delroy Chuck QC, MP: Minister of Justice Jamaica, Rhodes Scholar